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Three Reasons Why We Love Stasis

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A supplement to take with your Adderall to reduce the side effects? We dive deep into Stasis to find out why people love it.

Here at Neuropedia, we like to think we’ve tried it all. When we discovered Stasis, a supplement that helps reduce the downside of stimulant meds, we were intrigued.

The product is designed to take alongside stimulants to help stabilize the neurotransmitter peaks and dips that occur on meds, to lead to a more stable focus, better mood and more restful sleep. According to their website, “The ingredients in Stasis have all been hand selected to keep our brain even, leading to increased focus, enhanced cognitive function, balanced behavior, and improved mood.”

Read on to learn why we believe no one should ever take stimulants without Stasis.

  1. The Ingredients 

Stasis’s ingredient quality, clinically supported dosages and transparent sourcing practices significantly set it apart from its competitors. Stasis’s team took the time to track down rare ingredients that are otherwise difficult to acquire (Oceanix, for example, does not sell directly to consumers and requires pre-approval by the vendors). 

Further, they opt for branded vs. generic ingredients, which have guaranteed active ingredient percentages that are third party tested and traceable. However, Stasis’ greatest differentiator is their clinically tested dosages. Unlike many supplement companies who skimp out on their dosages, Stasis’ ingredients are all guaranteed to meet the clinical recommendations. Say what you will about supplement brands, these guys are serious about their formulations.

  1. The Proven Results 

The customer ratings and reviews show that Stasis’ product delivers but our resident supplement expert decided to give the product a try. While it’s only been a week, she’s already noticing  benefits.

“I’ve been prescribed Adderall forever, and consider myself a nootropic expert. I was initially skeptical about taking more pills to fix my medicine, but the ingredients were compelling enough for me to volunteer as the guinea pig. 

Day 1 and 2 had so little impact that I almost stopped. However, by Day 3, I stopped having my usual mid-day crash and had enough energy to go out with friends after work. I also slept like a rock. I hate to admit I was wrong, but this is a must try if you’re someone who’s prescribed regular stimulants.”

  1. The Value 

Procuring every ingredient in Stasis’ Day & Night Set would cost around $560, so at $79 a month, it’s a bargain. If you’re still on the fence, you can use the code “Neuropedia” for a 10% discount on your first month.

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