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Top 5 Ingredients to Take on Stimulants

Stimulant medication like Adderall can be extremely helpful in managing ADHD symptoms. However, as anyone on stimulants can attest, they also have debilitating side effects.

There is growing scientific evidence in support of using natural remedies to alleviate side-effects like jitters, dopamine depletion, lack of sleep, and oxidative stress. Below, we’ve compiled five of the most potent natural ingredients to elevate your experience on stimulants.

How we chose our ingredients

There are an endless number of dietary supplements on the market, but not all are safe and effective. For this article, we chose supplements based on the following criteria:

  1. Evidence-based: The ingredients on this list have research supporting their use in mitigating stimulant side effects.
  2. Potency: All ingredients listed below are either branded or have clinical research revealing their potency.
  3. Vetting: The following ingredients have been hand selected by our team of experts, who evaluate ingredients based on medical credibility.

Our favorite ingredients to help you take stimulants safely

1. Oceanix™ 

A unique, sustainably sourced, clean label phytoplankton ingredient, Oceanix™ is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world. In a clinical human pilot trial, Oceanix™ was found to offer an increased physiological response against oxidative stress to aid recovery. 

Recommended daily dosage: 25 mg  


2. affron™ Saffron

affron™ Saffron has been clinically studied to increase the serotonin available to the brain, which helps with emotional irregularity and irritability. This mood stabilizing ability has also been proven to increase libido.

Recommended daily dosage: 20 to 30 mg/day



3. Venetron

Derived from Apocynum venetum, a traditional Chinese herb, Venetron has been clinically shown to prevent depressive symptoms like low mood and anhedonia by increasing the serotonin available in the bloodstream. It also increases GABA, which increases melatonin production at night, allowing for better quality sleep and reducing the potential for stimulant-induced sleep disorders. 

Recommended daily dosage: 50 mg


4. Skullcap

This Chinese herb contains the bioactive compounds Baicalin and Baicalein which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties: studies suggest that Baicalin can dramatically ameliorate depressive-like symptoms caused by neuro-inflammation and Baicalein protects against dopaminergic neuron damage and oxidative stress.

Recommended daily dosage: 200-800 mg

5. Magnolia Bark

Also known as DHH-B, Magnolia Bark extract is shown to primarily impact the GABA pathway, promoting feelings of calmness and relaxation without the side effects of sedation. DHH-B also modulates the body’s stress response to cortisol, reducing the perception of stress. 

Recommended daily dosage: 10 mg

Where to Start

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