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At Neuropedia, we wholeheartedly reject the common belief that today your mind is the most powerful it will ever be, and that it’s only downhill from here. 

Everyone can advance their mind power with the right tools and information. We like to hang out on the knife’s edge of groundbreaking brain, productivity, and mental performance research and turn it into easy-to-implement practices so that you can experience mental ease, stamina, and clarity that you’ve never known before. 

What’s here

Naturally, you want the most trustworthy information you can find when it comes to supporting something as vital as your mind. Neuropedia is your trusted source for:

  • Easy, everyday practices that can remove obstacles from optimal mental functioning
  • Research-backed nutrition and supplement suggestions that science shows may help fuel and protect your brain to facilitate fast and efficient nervous system communication
  • Productivity systems that help you get out of your own way and do life better

Our standards

At Neuropedia, we’re particular about how we research and communicate scientific findings. That’s why our contributors and editors maintain a high level of scientific integrity and bring actionable clarity to even the most complex topics. 

  • Contributors have extensive experience in scientific and/or nutrition education and practice
  • Credentialed experts review and fact-check our content for accuracy
  • We insist on up-to-date research
  • If we cite case studies or research that was conducted on animals, we’ll let you know
  • We’ll tell you up front when we share anecdotal evidence, personal stories, or opinions
  • When we get it wrong, we make it right. Shoot us a note if something seems off!

What’s not here

If you’re looking for medical advice, you’re going to have to visit your licensed medical doctor for that. Here, you’ll find information and education that you can use to inform discussions with a qualified medical professional. 

The information you find here is backed by trustworthy research or expert opinion, but it doesn’t take into account your full medical history. Always consult your doctor when you have medical concerns. Never go against your doctor’s medical advice, including prescription regimens, as a result of something you learned at Neuropedia.