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The downsides of Adderall were dragging me down.

Here’s how I got my routine back on track.
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These day and night pills improved my stimulant experience.

I am one of those people that need Adderall to function, but the downsides have always taken their toll on my daily life. Bad sleep, jitters, and stimulant crashes plagued my day, making it hard to get through the day. I needed to find a way to feel normal again.

When I saw some TikTok influencers talking about their experience with Stasis, a supplement company focused on providing a better stimulant experience, I knew I needed to try it. Stasis has a two-step approach to working with stimulants, including a morning and nighttime formula. Here’s what I felt.

Starting in the Morning: Better Mood and Focus

I started each day this week with my Adderall and two Stasis For Daytime pills. The daytime pills are packed with ingredients like Ashwagandha, Saffron, Vitamin B6, and L-Theanine. These ingredients are designed to be taken with stimulants to improve your mood.

The first day I took it, I didn’t notice any difference in the morning. As my stimulant med kicked in and I went about my day, I hardly remembered that I had taken Stasis. That was until about 2pm when I noticed that I didn’t have my usual afternoon crash and headache. I finally had a steady focus all day long without the jitters or crashes. I had only taken Stasis for a single day and already felt the immediate relief.

Finish the Day with Stasis for Better Sleep

Having good results with the daytime formula, I was excited to give the Nighttime formula a try and see if it could help calm my mind and get me to bed faster. The nighttime formula includes ingredients like Magnesium, Zinc and Melatonin, for a better, deeper sleep after taking a stimulant in the morning.

The nighttime formula took a few more days to work compared to the daytime formula. By the third night, I started to feel the benefits I was hoping for. My sleep quality was much better. By this time, I was much calmer when getting into bed and falling asleep faster. When I woke up, I could recall my dreams for the first time in months and was way more well-rested than I usually was.

The Final Review

With Stasis, I could take my daily stimulant without feeling like I had to trade off my daytime energy and nighttime sleep. With the two-step approach to stimulant usage, I was super impressed with my ability to remain productive all day and wake up the next day feeling restored. I would highly recommend Stasis to anyone looking to reduce the downsides of stimulants for a better daily routine.

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