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I tried Stasis for a week. Here’s what happened

I’ve been prescribed stimulants ever since I was 16. Adderall has been necessary in helping me manage my symptoms, but I’ve always experienced debilitating side-effects like lethargy, crashes, and instability. I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying different supplements to reduce the downsides, but nothing ever worked. 

When a friend suggested I try Stasis I was skeptical. However, after doing some research, I was very impressed with the reviews and formulations. In addition to choosing the most potent ingredients, each clinically tested for its impact, most were branded or sourced per active ingredient percentage (these ensure regulated quality and potency) and actually included the clinically effective dosages. It seemed harmless enough, so I figured it was worth a shot.

How I Prepared for Stasis:

When I received my box of Stasis, I put my Nighttime on my bed stand and my Daytime next to my Adderall. I was determined to take my Stasis as directed: 2 in the morning with stimulants and two in the evening thirty minutes before bed. 

DAY 1 – Tuesday

I started taking Stasis on Tuesday morning. I took two pills with my meds and did not notice anything until the late afternoon when my usual crash was much less severe than in the past. I took my two night pills thirty minutes before my usual bedtime, and when I got into bed I fell asleep in around 20 minutes rather than going down a Wikipedia spiral researching the conspiracy theories behind the Egyptian pyramids. 

DAY 2 – Wednesday

I woke up less groggy but still had some brain fog. Throughout the day, multiple co-workers commented that I seemed less on edge. This afternoon I noticed that I experienced less fatigue (potentially due to the normal amount of sleep I had last night) and less of a crash than yesterday. After dinner, I took my two night pills and by bedtime, I was able to fall asleep within minutes and slept like a baby.

DAY 3 – Thursday

I woke energized and without brain fog. I also felt emotionally stable. Stimulants make me feel emotionally overwhelmed so around midweek, I procrastinate by texting loving messages to everyone I know. Today, I did not feel the emotional peaks and dips, and was even able to finish my monthly client update ahead of schedule (which has never happened). I also barely had any end-of-day crash and had another incredible night of sleep.

DAY 4 – Friday

On Day 4, I woke up genuinely excited to take my Stasis. I was in a rush to work so I through it in my bag and took it with my morning coffee. I felt the same benefits as before: no crash, better sleep, emotional stability, and less fatigue. But today, I also felt that my libido was not as low as when normally on stimulants.  

DAY 5 – Saturday

Day 5 and it’s the beginning of the weekend. I don’t take my prescription on the weekends which means I’m usually foggy and have raging headaches. For the first time in years, I felt normal while taking a break off my meds. I felt more balanced and was able to enjoy a glass of wine with my husband without being glued to my phone. I even had the energy to go out to a long dinner with friends without crashing or getting cranky. I felt complete. 

DAY 6 – Sunday

Sundays are the days that I plan for the week. This is a process I usually do from the safety of my bed because the fatigue and brain fog come on so heavy. But while on Stasis I didn’t feel the suppressive brain fog and fatigue. Today, I had no difficulty getting out of bed and was able to plan much more efficiently. I can’t believe that I was able to get through the day with no fatigue or brain fog. 

DAY 7 – Monday

Mondays are always the hardest. The side effects come on harder than usual as I’m starting up again after the weekend break. Today I noticed that my focus came and went gradually instead of the usual intense peak and sudden crash. I wasn’t snapping at anyone throughout the day which is an immense improvement and my libido, which had become more stable the past few days, felt normal. 

The Verdict: to Stasis or not to Stasis?

My first week on Stasis reminded me that it was possible to feel normal while still taking my medication. I was balanced, stable, and present. I felt refreshed every morning and can go about my day without feeling the dopamine highs and lows I’ve felt the past 15 years. I’m excited to see where the rest of my Stasis journey takes me.


About the Author:

Becky is the marketing director at Farhi Media, a full-service creative agency,  where she focuses on merging creativity with data to drive businesses forward. You can find her at @beckylitvin across all social media platforms (Twitter, TikTok, IG)


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